"I want to eat, drink and live to optimise my body’s systems, to feel better than well today and tomorrow"

We continue to see significant change and advancement in consumer understanding and aspiration when it comes to the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families.

Health is a greater marker of status than ever before, linked to strength and physical fitness, and increasingly to self-care and emotional wellbeing. Consumer awareness of the relationships between bodily ‘systems’, such as digestive and neural has rocketed recently, with greater focus placed on proactive, diet-led solutions for mental performance, ageing well, sleep and beauty.

A surge in new philosophies and ‘experts’ on holistic health are democratising wellbeing, but at the same time making the landscape of advice difficult to navigate for consumers. On the other hand, sophisticated tracking and diagnosis technologies are creeping into the mainstream, providing the consumer with highly personalised and accurate reads of their health, including allergies, intolerances and genetic predisposition to lifestyle diseases.

With this data, people are empowered to design their lifestyles in order to optimise their wellbeing, and public entities are able to shape regulation and design initiatives to promote the health of communities. Private businesses and brands have a critical role to play and an enormous opportunity to enter and lead conversations in this space.


of global consumers say they are likely to buy products or services that will enhance their sense of emotional wellbeing in the next 12 months

Kantar Consulting Global Monitor 2017

What's driving this trend?

Growing Digital Connectivity

The number of connected wearable devices worldwide is expected to jump from 325 million in 2016 to over 830 million in 2020.

Redefining of Old Age

In the US, over 60s will hold 24% of total income by 2020.

Rise of Lifestyle Diseases

One fifth of all adults in the world will be obese by 2025 3 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem.

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“I think having the tools to monitor my own health on a regular basis is very important”
“Not getting enough sleep causes me stress”

What does a successful business look like in 2025?


Food and drink brands that can capitalise on the technologies used to profile consumers, and deliver guidance and health benefits


Food and drink can be the key to unlocking and activating the natural wellness our own body systems can achieve in different periods of our life


Brands that invest in R&D to solve for particular dietary problems and public health concerns will win