Trend Target

The Trend Target gives a more granular identification of implications for product attributes, consumer reason to believe, business model and communications looking ahead

What's it for

Gaining a structured view of the impact of a specific CLT over 3 different time horizons, and specifically how each component of the business or category will be affected. Best completed either in small groups (3/4), pairs or individually. It requires a combination of analytical thinking about current business and brands, plus a creative and open approach to projecting and imagining the longer-term run of a trend and its implications.

How to do it

Use a fresh Trend Target template for each CLT

Put the brand/category/product at the centre of the target

Consider and capture the implications of the trend for each of the 4 areas of the business/category/product indicated, now, in the near term (next) and in the longer-term future (beyond). It may be useful to think in these terms: “If X trend were to continue to accelerate, what would it mean for X brand/category/product NOW, NEXT and IN THE FUTURE

Next = 1-2 years

Future = 3-5 years