Trend Safaris

A trend safari involves breaking out of the day-to-day context of the brand, business and category, and drawing inspiration and learning from culture, other categories and businesses, individuals and destinations.

What's it for

Immersive ‘feet-on-the-street missions’ encouraging teams to engage with the CLTs and their manifestations in the market and in consumer behaviours. Great for encouraging teams to gain a new perspective, thinking outside the box, invigorating and inspiring a team, energising workshops. Works best in busy urban environments, but can also be done as desk research via online shopping.

How to do it

Break into teams and brief each team to go to nearby shops/restaurants/venues and look for evidence of one, two or three specific trends manifesting out and about/in the market. NB: it is difficult to ask participants to keep more than 3 trends in mind.
Each team’s safari mission can involve interviews with business owners, shoppers or service providers or simply capturing photo and video evidence of trend manifestations in products and services.
Gather people back to discuss what you have all found. What are your favourites and why? What could we borrow and improve for our own brands? How are other brands playing to one or more trends in terms of product, pack, service and communications?