The Idea House

A tool for categorising ideas based on their originality and revenue potential

What's it for

Longlists of early-stage ideas can be categorised and prioritised according to how novel, exciting and ‘stretchy’ they are for the business

How to do it

Once the team have a longlist of initial ideas (e.g. after a trends clash exercise, before formal concept generation / at the end of an ideation session), the Idea House can be completed individually or in a group

Consider each of the ideas generated, and plot them on the template according to their level of originality and the potential size of prize (revenue potential)

The most original and with highest revenue potential should be placed in the top right square (‘ROCKET’ ideas), original ideas with a smaller size of prize in the bottom right (‘TANGENT’ ideas), and unoriginal/incremental innovations with weaker revenue potential in the bottom left (‘FOUNDATION’ ideas). In the top left are the ‘UNICORN’ ideas – those minor/incremental innovations that would make a big different in terms of revenue.

Each box in the Idea House contains questions to help you develop or discard innovation ideas in the early phases