Pipeline Pressure Test

The Pressure Test maps your pipeline against the CLTs and visually demonstrates how ‘trend-proof’ your innovation pipeline really is, testing your plans for gaps and/or irrelevancies.

What's it for

A tool which provides a visual representation of ‘trends blind spots’ in your existing pipeline - displaying which trends you are not currently acting on and innovating against, and where you may be focussing too heavily. It leads perfectly into the ‘Imagine’ phase of innovation, and eventually enables strategic and structured forward planning of your pipeline; which trends to innovate around at which point in time.

How to do it

Using a list of existing brands within a business and/or products within brand, discuss each and map onto the trend wheel, according to how strongly the brand or product plays to that trend / meets consumer needs in that space.

NB you may plot brands/products more than once on the wheel.
Once whole portfolio mapping is complete, identify blank spaces on the wheel.

Discuss: How might you enter those spaces? Which brands/products are best suited? Would a new product/brand be required? This leads naturally into the IMAGINE stage of the innovation journey.