Consumer Trends Clash

An exercise to get thinking about how Consumer Lifestyle Trends interact with one another and their implications for brands, products, services and consumers. High energy ideation process involving pairing CLTs cards and ideating around the combination of trends.

What's it for

Useful for teams to get to know the Consumer Lifestyle Trends, think about the interaction of Consumer Lifestyle Trends, and how trends or sub-trends might combine to yield very interesting and wide-ranging innovation opportunities for food and drink. A fun, fast-paced exercise that can boost a group’s flagging energy, as participants need to walk around and talk to other people

How to do it

Following an introduction to the Consumer Lifestyle Trends, assign each participant a trend or a sub-trend/opportunity area. Get participants to pair off to discuss their assigned trends and how they interact (2-3 minutes).

Consider general implications such as what that clash means for the business, or what new ideas might come from that clash. Capture thoughts on sticky notes. Repeat two or three times, depending on time available.

Have several participants report back on their conversations and ideas. Post notes on the walls for future reference. You may wish to group sticky notes based upon common themes (in an ideation workshop, you may wish to prioritise key ideas by allowing participants to “vote” for the ideas they like best using sticky dots).