Consumer Pains & Gains

An ideation tool which frames innovations as solutions to consumer pains and gains

What's it for

Making practical considerations and decisions about an innovation concept in the face of consumer realities relating to a trend

How to do it

Use a fresh template per trend or sub-trend.

In a small group or pair, first discuss the ‘pain points’ and barriers experienced by consumers given what you know about that trend and associated consumer values/needs.

Next, discuss and jot down the benefits and ‘gains’ experienced by consumers in relation to that trend. NB: this exercise works best when sub-trends and trends are thought of in terms of aspirations (i.e. first person consumer statements).

Next, generate as many quickfire innovation ideas as possible which either a) solve for the pain points or b) enhance the benefits for consumers. Fill the ‘solutions’ box! Optional: share solutions on post-its in a bigger group and cluster similar ideas to identify potential innovations for the pipeline.