Consumer Journey Canvas

A creative exercise to flesh out and align on the consumer experience of a brand, service; the Consumer Journey Canvas allows for deeper examination of consumer journeys and engagement with the concept you’re testing in the IMPROVE stage of the innovation journey

What's it for

Communicating how a given user would experience a branded product or service in their day to day, from exposure to marketing to encounters with the product in different contexts. In a workshop context, you are essentially co-creating a ‘storyboard’

How to do it

Use a fresh template for each concept and consumer ‘persona’
Each frame represents a different touchpoint between the consumer and product/service

Discuss: Where would the consumer come across our brand/product/service? What would they be doing? How would they be feeling? How would the brand come across? Where would it be placed?

Capture detailed thoughts as bullet points and/or with sketches to bring the consumer journey to life

Think beyond the obvious role of the product/service in your consumer’s life – NB: think about touchpoints you haven’t traditionally considered: are the encounters on- or offline? In non-traditional retail channels? Via smart technologies in- and out-of-home?