Concept Score Card

The Concept Score Card is used to score a concept out of 10 across a number of ‘success criteria’

What's it for

A template for applying criteria to a concept in order to score it objectively against others, allowing for objective, rounded assessment of ideas, and eventual prioritisation by comparing scores. Useful as a second IMPROVE exercise following development of a number of concepts.

How to do it

Complete individually or in a group – this exercise works well at the end of a workshop / workshop module, with different groups rating different concepts

Use a fresh template for each concept

Decide on your criteria as a group, or use our starter for 10 criteria in the template. In smaller breakout groups, divide and delegate the concepts.
Groups should rate concepts on a scale of 1 to 10 against each criteria – make a note of any of the reasoning behind this rating so that the scores
can be discussed with other groups in plenary.

Add up the total, and compare against the total score for other concepts to prioritise which to progress with first, and identify which need more work.