CLT Canvas

The CLT Canvas breaks down underlying drivers and expressions of the trends, laying the foundations for potential innovations

What's it for

Firstly, within the INFORM stage of the innovation journey, to establish deeper understanding of the CLTs, their drivers and their expression in the market and in behaviours. Secondly, within the IMAGINE stage, to apply that in-depth understanding in imagining solutions relevant to trend and target audience.

How to do it

Use a fresh template for each trend

Start on the left hand side, completing the ‘Analyse’ section of the template – adding insights, data and examples where relevant

Turn to ‘Apply’ to identify how, where and for which consumers you could apply the trend

Think about whether the opportunity aligns with your existing target consumer or a new target

Is the innovation potential a white space innovation? A line extension? Etc.

Bring all of this together to generate innovation ideas that address the potential to the business, as well as the consumer need related to the trend