Attractiveness/ Attainability Matrix

This matrix allows you to plot each concept on a matrix of how attractive it is to the business vs. its feasibility based on current business knowledge and capabilities.

What's it for

Allows rational assessment and prioritisation of concepts, based on a qualitative assessment and clear visualisation of potential successes. Allows users to IMPROVE ideas given clear guidance based on where they fall on the matrix.

How to do it

Take an existing concept as a starting point. Discuss as a group its attractiveness, considering questions such as: how exciting/novel/original is this idea? How well do we think consumers will respond to it? Will it be an exciting addition to its category? Does it have potential to be a category leader, or break new ground for our business? Decide where the idea sits on the X axis.

Then discuss attainability, considering questions such as: how well-equipped are we to develop and launch this idea right now? How expensive would it be for us in terms of cost, time and effort? Decide where the idea would sit on the Y axis.

Once all concepts are plotted on the matrix, the top right hand quadrant will capture those ideas that have the greatest potential for near-term success.