Using our 4 stage approach to using trends for strategic planning, we journey from navigating today to shaping tomorrow.

We ensure that you understand and engage with the changing consumer and market landscape
How do we know which trends are most important for our business?
How can we immerse in our consumers’ worlds?
How can we test the relevance of our brand in consumers’ lives?
Tools to unlock growth at this stage of the journey:
We inspire divergent, radical ideation fuelled by deep insight and creativity
How do we build and spot gaps in our innovation pipeline?
How can we spark more ideas in our business?
How can we develop new concepts?
How do we innovate our business model?
We co-develop and refine ideas that represent true value for customers and consumers
How do we test and prioritise our existing concepts?
How do we develop or reposition our brand to better engage our target audience?
How can we ensure our portfolio reflects shifts in the market?
We use extensive retailer and industry knowledge to guide you through launch, activation and scaling
How can we ensure readiness for market entry?
How can we expand into new markets and audiences effectively?
Tools to unlock growth at this stage of the journey: