Supply Chain Laid Bare

Consumers will expect brands to operate ethically and have a net positive impact within their supply chain. Increasingly powerful and accurate technology like Blockchain and QR codes will provide proof of this from independent sources.


Labels, certifications and claims communicating sustainable origins

Stories of farmers and source locations


Technology opening up business dealings and supply chains to consumers and legislators (e.g. blockchain-enabled supply chains)

100% transparency becoming unavoidable, not just aspirational

How is this manifesting?
Through the eyes of our StreetScapers…

“Higher productivity and overwork are the key issues that get media attention, there is no mainstream awareness of the sustainability aspect of manufacturing.”

Patrick, Japan

"Technology is improving our food systems with ingredient tracking techniques like Blockchain and innovation to food production.”

Vincent USA

Walmart and IBM have partnered to create the first blockchain tracking system for food for a major retailer, cutting down the time it took to track produce from six days to two seconds.

Tony’s Chocolonely, Germany uses bean tracking (blockchain) technology to ensure 100% slavery free chocolate

The first in the snacking space to invent this kind of accreditation.

Spinneys Supermarkets in the UAE provides in-store codes to track product journeys

Next-level demands for traceability are evolving globally, not just in the West.