Story Culture

We see a global proliferation of consumers as storytellers and curators of their day to day lives, sharing streams of mini moments with their online networks.


‘Static’ sharing of imagery in permanent forums

Greater investment in product and brand design for novelty and sharing


Day-to-day stories curated by consumers, and reacted to instantaneously by viewers

Virtual augmentation of physical living

Spaces and events designed to feature in stories

How is this manifesting?
Through the eyes of our StreetScapers…

“We spend most of our time on social media and this is how we project who we want to be. Social media has gained a whole new role as we record and take pictures of everything so that others can see and aspire to our lives.”

Marianna, Mexico



"Activities evolving around when and how we share experiences online are widespread. A lot of people go on hot restaurant tours, creating their own version of Michelin guides and posts instagrammable dishes on social networks."

Gagyeong, South Korea


More than 500 million Instagram users open the app every day, and 300 million of them are watching Stories daily.

Virgin Red “Keys to the Kasbah” takes consumer engagement to the next level with set missions and tasks to win prizes.

Virgin invited consumers to undertake "secret agent" missions and complete tasks, capturing efforts via video to win a stay at the Kasbah Hotel. Consumers became characters in the campaign’s story, unlocking different rewards by completing tasks and engaging with the brand online. It shows a new type of marketing where consumers no longer accept being talked to but want to take part in an experience & the full story behind a brand they are interacting with.

The Body Shop leveraged the sharing of day-to-day clips using vegan influencers in order to reach their desired audience.

Embedding their skin product in casual story snippets of the lives of influencers revealed the effectiveness and ease of the vegan products – which required no editing to look good.