Sensory Experiences

Advancing technologies enhance and add entertainment to moments of consumption, playing with the senses and perceptions of reality.


Fun and play with unexpected formats and tastes

Out of home creation experiences


Advancements in molecular gastronomy and individual flavour profiling

AR & VR breathes new life into food and drink experience out of home and in home

Venues and spaces designed to intensify sensory stimulation

How is this manifesting?
Through the eyes of our StreetScapers…

“There is a huge appetite for the story behind the food and how it can be brought closer to the community and environment it is being consumed in.”

Stefano, Chile

“The Arizona Office of Tourism has recently integrated virtual reality technology into their marketing, offering a taste of what it would be like without the ability to fully recreate the experience of actually being there.”

Vincent , USA

Creating a fully immersive and stimulating experience around the food, Quince in San Francisco serves ‘A Dog in Search of Gold”. It consists of chestnut crisps, celeriac, porcini and ricotta truffle, served on an iPad playing a video of a dog searching for truffles.

Whisky River in Black Rock Bar

Guests drink from a "river of whisky" contained in an old oak tree.

The venue adds a different label each week to one of the “rivers”, creating an ever-evolving house blend.

Geolocation podcasts, Echoes

Echoes invites everyone from around the world, from global travellers to street artists, to share stories from the communities they live in for anyone to download and listen to whilst immersed in the physical space the podcasts relates to.