Peer-to-peer Engagement

Consumers access and exchange all kinds of experiences through platforms that enable peer to peer in all realms of their lives.


Brands selling products, services and experiences

Consumers reaching for traditional and centralised sources of information and accreditation


Accessing experiences through platforms that enable peer to peer in all realms of consumers lives

There is a wealth of online communities for sharing interests, passions, services, information and skills

Instant organisation and consensus via polls, reviews and groups run by individuals rather than businesses

How is this manifesting?
Through the eyes of our StreetScapers…

“With the help of social media, such as Facebook and blogs, consumers create networks for exchanging information about products and brands.”

Julian, Vietnam

“There are huge virtual communities coming together around the online sharing of food and experiences. There are TV shows and YouTube channels dedicated to people sharing what they eat and food companies are launching items to target these consumers.”

Patrick, Japan

Between the five key sectors of automotive, hospitality, finance, staffing and media streaming, PwC estimate the revenue generated by the sharing economy will increase from the current $14 billion to $335 billion in 2025.

Tesco became the platform through which consumers could connect and express their feelings in the Food Loves stories campaign

The campaign centered around the person behind the recipe and the relationships they hold around a dish.

Peanut allows mothers to connect and access experiences based on shared interests outside of motherhood

It even extends to sharing and exchanging skills whilst on maternity leave.