Optimising Age

From awareness of the different needs for stages of teen development to the nuanced protein needs of the older generation, we are seeking age-targeted solutions for living better, not just longer.


Mass market offers segmenting childrens’ products from adults’

Increasing choice in solutions to combat signs of ageing


New public initiatives to help consumers age healthily

Products and services highly targeted to different ages and their related conditions/needs

Greater awareness of proactive measures for growing and ageing healthily

How is this manifesting?
Through the eyes of our StreetScapers…

“In the UAE, we see younger generations all very health conscious compared to the baby boomers in the way they eat. Older generations take a smaller but growing interest in where their food comes from and the health effect of their everyday choices.”

Zaina, UAE

“There is a recognised respect in older generations’ ways of life, returning to farm and rural settings is increasing, and Jeju Island, a Korean vacation island, has become a dream destination for many young Koreans to realise the ideal slow-lifestyle exemplified by older generations.”

Gangyeong Seo, South Korea

This year, Hong Kong hosted its first ‘GeronTech’ summit, exploring ageing and technology to find solutions for the market’s ‘super-aged’ population, funded by government and private players.

Chinese dairy giant Mengniu is growing sales by 20-30% this year with age-targeted product launches

‘Future Star Growth Milk’ teamed up with Disney Shanghai to tap into the 8-10 years and early adolescent market.

Chinese restaurant Kaze no Oto has developed new cooking methods to cater to the country’s aging population

The ‘Seniors’ menu at this restaurant is processed, supplemented with enzymes and remoulded into original form, making it easier to chew and digest.