Living Workplace

The blurring between places for work, retail and social life leads to a reimagining of the workplace as an enjoyable and lifestyle-enhancing destination.


A rise in casual dining and café culture

More flexible workspaces and human-centric urban planning

Rise of the third space


Blurring of social life and work life leading to the rise of start-up spaces where the professional and social realms are blended

Design and utilisation of spaces is adapted for maximum operational efficiency as well as sensory enjoyment

How is this manifesting?
Through the eyes of our StreetScapers…

“Santiago is shifting into something more alive, challenging and captivating embracing diversity and becoming a real multicultural city, more people are willing to go out and spend more on leisure.”

Stefano, Chile

“Co-working, community dining and flexibility in your work life are largely established in Copenhagen as the optimum way of life.”

Kiva, Denmark

WeWork recently acquired Meetup social community platform for $200 million, strengthening the social aspect (with a 35 million strong member base) of their living/working spaces.

ARUP design living and working buildings

For employers-come-landlords who want to streamline the experience of work and play and inspire workforce communities – for example, Samsung’s Green Tomorrow buildings.

Santander Work Café redesigns high street space for leisure and business

The spaces host talks on useful topics such as finance, marketing or design.