Health as Systems

We increasingly understand our body as interrelated systems, and seek to improve them with diet, from the inside-out, and through external, tech-enabled stimulation.


Awareness of relationship between body and mind

Seeking headspace and stress relief via apps and little habit changes

Reacting to energy needs


Understanding how the body’s ecosystems affect one another (e.g. gut biome and nervous system)

Counteracting modern ailments (fatigue, depression, anxiety) via dietary choices

Focusing on sleep and mental acuity for long-term energy

How is this manifesting?
Through the eyes of our StreetScapers…

“More and more Koreans are trying to find the balance between work and free-time and to search for the meaning of life.”

Gayang, South Korea

"Healthy good quality food permeates everyday life in Denmark. So much so that the international convenience store 7/11 serves Paleo food that promotes digestive functionality.”

Kinvara, Denmark

Only 43% of the cells in the human body are human. The rest is taken up by our microbiome that includes bacteria, fungi, single-celled, archaea and viruses.

Apps that facilitate mental health

Moodo – using fragrances to create a stress-free and healthy environment.

Thync – non-invasive bioelectronic platform which targets certain nerves for electrical stimulation - used to combat mental health illness and autoimmune disorders.

Bio-dynamic ingredients to improve physical and mental wellbeing

High Mood Food – natural, fermented and living food, promoting the link between digestion and mental health,

WellWell – organic cold-pressed juice with biodynamic (fermented) lemon, a performance enhancer and counter-fatigue drink.