Food Fusions

Intensifying multiculturalism in urban areas is leading to breakthrough culinary hybrids at both high-end and in the mainstream.


Defined regional types of food


Blurring of lines between cuisines, with consumers picking and choosing their favourite elements and combining them in a melee of dishes

How is this manifesting?
Through the eyes of our StreetScapers…

“Santiago is shifting into something more alive, challenging and embracing diversity and becoming a real multicultural city, more people are willing to go out and spend more on leisure.”

Stefano, Chile

“There is a huge appetite for fusion foods in the US. Some blend new cuisines with something familiar while others create something more cutting edge, like Korean-Mexican tacos.”

Vincent, USA

62% of 18-22 year-olds say they cook international cuisines at home from social media, compared to 46% of Millennials (23-38), and just 23% of Gen X consumers (39-52)

Eastern techniques in Danish cuisine

Michelin-starred chef Jonathan Tam uses bamboo steamers for several of his Restaurant Relae dishes, a clear move away from European techniques of boiling or blanching, and a much more entertaining ‘reveal’ as part of a dining experience.

Street food leads in breakthrough combinations

With vendors like ‘Saucy Porka’ dishing up Vietnamese-Puerto Rican dishes on the edge of Hyde Park, Chicago.