Expert Enhancement

Democratised information leads to an increase in ‘expert’ voices when it comes to health. Consumers are reaching for tech-enabled, personalised and verified solutions for enhancing their diet and wellbeing, and mitigating risk.


A selection of well-followed influencers becoming health gurus

Tech for monitoring and tracking

DNA profiling on the fringes of the consumer health world


Everybody offers health opinions and advice

Tech takes into account environmental factors, as well as dietary data logged by users

Personal health profiling becomes cheaper and more accessible (e.g. in-home bloodwork)

How is this manifesting?
Through the eyes of our StreetScapers…

“Word of mouth and influencer endorsement are the key forms of advertising for wellness brands in Mexico.”

Mariana, Mexico

“Consumer choices are made out of practicality and better, tech-enabled insight as they wish to make reasoned and responsible decisions.”

Paul, Germany

Google and Fitbit are collaborating to merge Fitbit tracking with electronic medical records for a comprehensive data set for patient and clinicians.

iEAT allergen detection system, a portable key ring food scanner and ‘allergen alert’

Processes previously restricted to science labs are now mainstreaming for families.

Lumo Lift is a corrective wearable which vibrates when you are hunching or can help correct your stride

Lumo Lift aims to reduce visits to medical specialists and physiotherapists.