Consumer behaviour is fundamentally reshaped by a new wave of sustainable brands that are on-trend and are markers of status.


Looking to labels for edification

A clear split between ‘earth warriors’ and the general, uninformed public


We’re moving to a world where there is no space for a brand that doesn’t integrate sustainability into their brand personality and ethos

Sustainability is increasingly linked with premium food and drink categories and products

How is this manifesting?
Through the eyes of our StreetScapers…

“We see that the next generation is more conscious of sustainability, where their food comes from and their carbon footprint and therefore are convinced with making everyday choices that impact.”

Zaina, UAE

“Tackling the next big environmental problem: fast fashion. It is a signal of pride to wear environmentally sustainable clothes brands which are creating limited products following three key principles: quality, sustainability and pride.”

Kinvara, Denmark

The ethical products and services sector in the UK has grown by more than £40bn since 2008 and is now worth £81.3bn.

Michelin star ‘The Perennial’ in San Francisco reinvents classic dishes within a zero waste ‘loop’

The Perennial grows its veg with restaurant compost and even makes resin and varnish for the interiors from cooking by-products.

The Giki Food app is a catalogue of sustainable, premium suppliers with ratings against different values

Consumers can make fully informed decisions on how brands match up in the metrics that matter the most to them.