Closing Gender Gaps

Women represent an increasingly disruptive, collective force, overturning cultural norms whilst creating affirmative new forms of culture and community.


A determined place and role in society


A more flexible environment that women can mould to their needs and ambitions

How is this manifesting?
Through the eyes of our StreetScapers…

"South Korea’s culture offers women few opportunities to be honest about their experiences with harassment, but initiatives like Blind, an app for anonymous workplace messaging has sparked a wave of #MeToo stories, resonating with South Korean women."

Gagyeong, South Korea

"Sorority China is the first female-only co-working space in China, providing safe and affordable spaces for both co-working and co-living, aimed at professional women. It offers two locations currently, Shanghai and Beijing."

Rose, China

Women make 85% of all consumer purchasing decisions globally.

Latin America making strides against sexism and towards equal opportunity

Skol beer confronted their history to challenge a group of female artists to ‘reposter’ for them.

Femplea labour bank app advertises services provided by women for women, from plumbing to accounting.

The Wing in NYC is a co-working & community space designed for women

Part of a broader women’s club movement sweeping developed markets, The Wing challenges elitism in a major city – but has been criticised for taking new age feminism too far; verging on positive discrimination.