La Madre de Miren

What: La Madre de Miren is an independent Madrid-based honey and preserves company

Why: The owner, with her mother’s trusted recipes for jams and spreads, offers consumers a ‘little taste of home’, as well as the opportunity to customise flavours and the printed label. This nostalgic and personalised product experience is a breath of fresh air […]


What: There is a new ‘choi-tashi’ trend of adding unusual ingredients to transform taste and texture – Japanese KFC has started offering side options like wasabi soy, yoghurt, marmalade and even vanilla ice cream.

Why: As people look for more unexpected sensations, more and more brands are introducing interesting and surprising new textures and flavours to […]

Store Desigual

What: REC Store Desigual is a weekend of outlet shopping spiced up with entertainment, music, food and DIY workshops and of course a lot of fashion at special prices.

Why: REC is purposly based in culturally rich, urban neighbourhood in the Spanish city of Igualada and aims to offer a different shopping experience for customers who […]

Open a Coke

What: With the tagline “Open a new Coke, open up to a new friendship”, Coca Cola’s new campaign in Columbia used bottles which could only be opened by locking two caps together

Why: The campaign gave students a new occasion to connect with others, and a legitimate excuse for talking to “strangers”. It was well aligned […]

McVities Cuddle Cafe

What: Biscuit maker McVities has created a cuddle café. The café was designed with ‘wall-to-wall cuteness’ and free drinks and treats were offered with cuddles the only accepted currency.

Why: This café aims to maximise visitors’ happiness levels, following research about the emotional and health benefits of a cuddle. Plus, associations with free perks and quirkiness […]