Go 2 Africa: Luxury Camping

What: Modern clan travel site Go 2 Africa offers tours of the highlands of South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe, with luxury camping throw in.

Why: Fusing traditional safari with mobile luxury offers customers the ultimate experience of nature and 5* accommodation combined.

Indian Bicycles

What: A growing number of Indians aged between 25 and 40, are taking a fancy to top-of-the-line premium bicycles Firefox and Giant for commuting, recreation and exercise. 

Why: For many driven young entrepreneurs from Bangalore travelling by a sleek two-wheeler is a symbol of status as well as healthy lifestyle choice.

QOD Barbers

What: QOD, a well known Brazilian brand of cosmetics and hair style products, recently opened a premium barber shop to promote its new line of products for men.

Why: The bar is designed to convey a sense of comfort and tradition, with costumers offered a selection of cigars, special whiskeys and craft beers.

Nan Xiao Guo

What: Nan Xiao Guo is the casual version of a very famous Shanghai-style restaurant in China – Xiao Nan Guo.

Why: Nan Xiao Guo is an informal, very cosy restaurant that offers home-style dishes accompanied with abundant cups of green tea. It is an increasingly popular concept in Shanghai, where dining out is seen by many […]


What: Japanese writer Yu Nakamura has created You Box, filled with recipe ideas and all the necessary ingredients to create them.

Why: It sounds like a typical food box scheme, but the difference is that Yu has scoured Japan for rare ingredients and knowledgeable grandmothers in order to share and teach the art of traditional Japanese […]

Red Bull Station

What: Red Bull Station is major new cultural venue in a gentrified part of São Paulo. It aims to foster the creation of art and music, involving visitors in the process by allowing them to observe the workings of the resident artists and musicians.

Why: This answers a growing demand for people to not only witness […]

Zotter Chocolate Factory

What: Austrian-owned Zotter Chocolate Theatre in Shanghai is a factory offering an immersion into the world of cocoa and chocolate making.

Why: Fused with a European atmosphere you wouldn’t find elsewhere in Shanghai, educational demonstrations become a form of culinary theatre here.


What: Sublimotion in Ibiza is a “360 degree sensual-gastronomic experience,” according to the Spanish food press. As ‘participants’ work through the menu, the space around them changes with every course.

Why: Sublimotion offers another dimension to food, transporting customers to different places, each with its own ambience.

Domino’s Pizza

What: Dominos host a comedy vine series on their website, inviting UK viewers to follow two average pizza-loving guys ‘Huw’ and ‘Leslie’ in their thwarted attempts to eat pizza.

Why: Over the last five years Domino’s has embraced all things digital to drive its marketing activity, putting humour and frivolity at the heart of its digital […]


What: During the 2015 Superbowl broadcast on 1 February, brands such as Cheerios dominated Twitter with playful commentary and brand-on-brand jokes.

Why: Social media is enabling brands to show their human side and use humour and wit to forge more personal relationships with consumers.