What: Consumers in Shanghai are using beauty products from Innisfree, a company that mixes ingredients from the Korean island of Jenju.

Why: Innisfree draws on the public perception of Jenju as a pure, un-polluted island haven. Ingredients include volcanic ash, natural spring water and local plant extracts, which, to consumers plagued by hygiene scandals across several […]


What: Vigoo freshly squeezed orange juice vending machines are situated on major commuter routes throughout Shanghai.

Why: Mechanically squeezed right in front of you, the consumer can be sure that the juice they grab on their way to work is totally fresh, and available at any time of day. No need to track down a […]


What: Rakuten, Japan’s largest online retailer, has put in place collection lockers throughout Japan’s major cities, enabling consumers to collect orders at their choice of location at a time convenient to them.

Why: Rather than put the onus on customers to be at home at a certain time, Rakuten delivers their shopping straight to them – […]


What: f.lux is an American brand new software that controls your phone and computer screens.

Why: Computer screens are designed to emit a certain kind of light, similar to that of the sun, so as soon as screens are being used at night-time, however, looking at this kind of light plays havoc with eyes and body-clocks. f.lux […]

Standing Desk

What: New desk stand design, by South African designer Ryan Roberts.

Why: Given the current global ‘standing meeting’ trend that sees employees and colleagues stand at a meeting instead of sit, this innovative product is a much-needed solution, aiming to strengthen back and leg muscles, decrease headaches, burn calories and cut working time shorter due to […]


What: One of Twinings’ latest campaigns features a new slogan: ‘Gets you back to you’.

Why: This British tea brand has identified what is no longer just a consumer desire, but has become a consumer need: to take time to one’s self in order to relieve stress and create headspace in the midst of a hectic […]


What: LOLË is a French brand of activewear that runs yoga events throughout the US and Europe attracting thousands of participants.

Why: LOLË does not just want to promote the clothing line, but rather a lifestyle dedicated to peace and well-being. LOLË is offering free ‘mass yoga’ masterclasses with professional instructors and a live orchestra, for […]


What: Sprig is a San Francisco-based food delivery and meal-planning app for those who don’t have the time or headspace to seek out and cook the optimal dinner ingredients.

Why: Sprig’s menu doesn’t rely on salt, fat, sugar or MSG – in 20 minutes hot, ready-to-eat meals are delivered to your door. Recyclable packaging, organic produce, […]

Morning Gloryville

What: Morning Gloryville is a nightclub event held on a Wednesday morning, springing up in leading-edge cities all over the world.

Why: Morning Gloryville advocates ‘conscious clubbing’, where coffee is served instead of alcohol, and dancing gives guests a chance to wake up their bodies and minds before the working day – an exciting twist on […]

Cereal Killer Café

What: Cereal Killer Café in London serves 120 different types of cereal, with 30 types of milk and 20 possible toppings. It is open 7am – 10pm 7 days a week, with breakfast served all day.

Why: Cereal Killer Café answers growing demand from people looking to experiment with unconventional choices and combinations, whenever they choose.