Redefining value


What: Red Eye Louis’ Vodquila, going from strength to strength in the US market, recently launched in Australia and is set to roll out 1 litre bottles in 2016.

Why: Just as American consumers are forging unique identities for themselves by grafting cultures and styles, ‘vodquila’, amongst other new liquor mixes, fuses traditionally separate drinks to create an exciting, much talked-about product. The Red Eye Louis brand has recognised that ‘fusion’ drinking can be as popular as fusion cuisine.

Personal value


What: Germans love beer. However, Germans are also the inventors of Aldi. Few countries are so cost conscious when it comes to nutrition. Hence 5,0 Bier keeps its prices low, but its quality high, employing a business model that does not spend anything on marketing campaigns. The text on each can explains how they maintain that high quality/low price position.

Why: 5,0 Bier recognised that value for money means an inexpensive drink that doesn’t compromise on quality – and quite literally ‘does what it says on the tin’.

Redefining value

 What: Food inventor Charlie Harry Francis has come up with an Edible Mist Machine that extracts flavour out of foodstuffs and emits it as an edible mist that can be inhaled via a straw.

Why: This Edible Mist invention is being picked up by bars and restaurants as they have recognised its exciting appeal; especially for consumers who value the future-facing and experiential, yet may be calorie-conscious.


Spend money pursuing personal hobbies and interests in the next twelve months: Likelihood to do in next 12 months 

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