Proactive prevention


What: Beauty Sweeties consist of the best ingredients from nature, a combination of super-fruits and the beauty ingredients coenzyme Q10, aloe vera, collagen or biotin.

Why: Beauty Sweeties represent healthy indulgence – and prove that consumers don’t have to compromise on taste to look after their bodies as best they can.

Essential Purity

What: Oppo ice cream is an indulgent healthy ice cream from the UK using virgin coconut oil instead of cream and the naturally sweet stevia instead of sugar.

Why: Ice cream is often associated with calories and guilt. Using stevia and healthy ingredients only, Oppo ice cream offers a healthy solution with 85 calories per two scoop serving only, and a minimal ingredients list that doesn’t leave consumers worrying about additives and preservatives.

Essential Purity

t: LivBlends is a smart, self-cleaning blender that can mix vegetables and fruit as well as nuts.

Why: Smoothies are very popular meal replacement option nowadays, as consumers appreciate the reassurance of knowing exactly what goes into their blender. LivBlends cleans itself and comes with measuring cups, making a pure and healthy diet less of a time investment, and more of an attainable goal.

“I actively take steps to look after my health regardless of whether I feel ill or not”

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