Right Thing, Right There

What: Pantry (US) is a smart refrigerator that can be used in offices. The fridge is opened by swiping your credit card, and Pantry is smart enough to identify what you take out of it. It will charge you nothing if you have not found what you were looking for.

Why: Making healthy food accessible any time of the day is especially important in office jobs. Pantry solved the problem of opening hours and waiting times at restaurants, developing a 24 hours accessible kiosk with a healthy food offering.

Changing routines

What: Ugo is a yoghurt-to-go concept by Chenchen Hu that makes yoghurt far more portable. No longer restricted to a breakfast occasion, yoghurt can now be enjoyed on the move, as the triangular packaging is double foil sealed for freshness, and contains a disposable spoon.

Why: With on the go snacking on the rise, as well as the popularity of yoghurt, (increasingly seen as a healthy option), Ugo reduces the messiness and un-portable nature of yoghurt; it can be enjoyed at any time of day as it keeps its coolness and freshness for longer.


What: Takoyaki is a traditional Japanese meal experiencing a revival, in snack food form, at the increasingly popular street food markets.

Why: Savoury pancakes filled with octopus or fish and vegetables, made super easy to eat and far less messy, as the pancake is fried in a small ball shape, around the filling. A complex traditional meal made simple and palm-sized for Japanese consumers on the go. As eating on the move becomes more culturally acceptable in the market, the popularity of hot snack foods like this will grow in popularity.

“More and more, I am looking for ways to simplify my life”

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