Key takeaways

Exhilaration is an antidote to life pressures

Consumers are once again hungry for, and feel able to spend on, exhilarating and unusual experiences which enrich their everyday lives, and provide an antidote to the pressures of modern living – this liberty continues to 2017, but with a greater emphasis on integrating fun into modern living. For the Millennial and Centennial generations that extends to choosing your job/career based on the daily ‘fun factor’ – work hard, play hard gives way to ‘work can be play, and vice versa’.

If it’s not online, it didn’t happen

Now the experience itself is only half of the story. Sharing the good times with your social network is becoming a more fundamental part of the experience itself. Carry this through to 2017 and we see the strength of the trend evident in Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, allowing anyone anywhere to stream live to friends and followers.

Deep engagement comes from excitement + innovative sharing

Brands that not only excite and entertain consumers with rich and rewarding experiences, but also facilitate sharing in innovative new ways, will win deep engagement with today’s connected consumers. Increasingly now, shared content doesn’t even visibly involve the product or brand in question, as brands fight to align themselves with content and experiences on a lifestyle level, rather than a consumption occasion level.

Overview of the sub-trends 


Splurge on out-of-home leisure activities with friends and family (e.g. eating out, going to the cinema, sports events etc): Likelihood to do in next 12 months

(% very/somewhat likely, 2015)


“I am always looking for different cultural experiences and influences that will broaden my horizons”

(% very/somewhat likely, 2015)


How have the sub-trends evolved?

Shared experiences are not merely a frivolous pursuit but a necessity for many who increasingly feel starved of real moments of connection with others; with this in mind we see two shifts in the sub-trends:

How dynamic are the sub-trends?

Thought-starters: How could you…?

…offer consumers more than just a taste experience? Could your product transport a consumer away from the everyday for a moment?

Intensify every element of the product interaction and experience so that it does not lose impact when it is shared?

…incorporate novelty and a playful twist into a product, to engage and surprise a consumer?

Embrace specific, and relevant, aspects of current youth culture into your brand? Who could you collaborate with?

…leverage the heritage or the more indulgent aspects of a product to evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort?

‘Mood-proof’ your products so they have relevance across multiple moments? Could packaging and format help with this?