What: Athos is an American high-tech fitness outfit that is looking to infuse the capability of wearables into the actual fabric of the apparel. The sensors, which utilize electromyography, record and measure muscle movement and sync the results with a smartphone app.

Why: By giving users the real-time information and feedback they need, Athos apparel offers […]


What: f.lux is an American brand new software that controls your phone and computer screens.

Why: Computer screens are designed to emit a certain kind of light, similar to that of the sun, so as soon as screens are being used at night-time, however, looking at this kind of light plays havoc with eyes and body-clocks. f.lux […]

The Fill App

What: The Fill App is a free app that will allow South African users to save some money by alerting them of fuel price changes once a month and thus reminding them of when it’s best to fill up, where and by how much. It will know the size of the fuel tank and is […]

Amazon Dash

What: Amazon has launched Dash Button – a WiFi-enabled plastic controller that allows US customers to order basic household supplies at the touch of a button.

Why: The small device is designed to be stuck or hung in a convenient place, such as on the washing machine or next to the bath. When you’re running low […]


What: Knorr developed an app that takes the difficulty out of meal planning. In store, Argentinian consumers simply scan a product’s barcode, to quickly pull-up recipes using a certain ingredient. The app even allows people to search for meal ideas, based on their mood or even the weather.

Why: In a challenging environment, brands need to […]

La Nevera Roja (Red Fridge)

What: La Nevera Roja (Red Fridge) is an online and mobile portal for thousands of Spanish restaurants and home delivery options in the larger cities. To date, it has 600,000 users.

Why: The main reason for the app’s increasing popularity is its extremely simple interface that allows people to choose or order their chosen meal quickly […]

The Monsieur

What: The Monsieur is an American touchscreen drink mixer that will solve all your drink-mixing woes.

Why: Armed with 300 drink recipes for every occasion, superior knowledge and precise mixing skills, the Monsieur is proof that, sometimes, technology can do our jobs simpler and better than we can. 

AliPay Wallet

What: AliPay Wallet (Alibaba) is a smartphone payment app in China that allows shoppers to pay for a huge variety of products and services, simply by scanning a QR code.

Why: The app reduces the need to carry around credit cards, and means quick and simple payment at any time, in any place for the time-pressured […]