What: Rakuten, Japan’s largest online retailer, has put in place collection lockers throughout Japan’s major cities, enabling consumers to collect orders at their choice of location at a time convenient to them.

Why: Rather than put the onus on customers to be at home at a certain time, Rakuten delivers their shopping straight to them – […]

The Fill App

What: The Fill App is a free app that will allow South African users to save some money by alerting them of fuel price changes once a month and thus reminding them of when it’s best to fill up, where and by how much. It will know the size of the fuel tank and is […]

Amazon Dash

What: Amazon has launched Dash Button – a WiFi-enabled plastic controller that allows US customers to order basic household supplies at the touch of a button.

Why: The small device is designed to be stuck or hung in a convenient place, such as on the washing machine or next to the bath. When you’re running low […]


What: Knorr developed an app that takes the difficulty out of meal planning. In store, Argentinian consumers simply scan a product’s barcode, to quickly pull-up recipes using a certain ingredient. The app even allows people to search for meal ideas, based on their mood or even the weather.

Why: In a challenging environment, brands need to […]

AliPay Wallet

What: AliPay Wallet (Alibaba) is a smartphone payment app in China that allows shoppers to pay for a huge variety of products and services, simply by scanning a QR code.

Why: The app reduces the need to carry around credit cards, and means quick and simple payment at any time, in any place for the time-pressured […]

Store Desigual

What: REC Store Desigual is a weekend of outlet shopping spiced up with entertainment, music, food and DIY workshops and of course a lot of fashion at special prices.

Why: REC is purposly based in culturally rich, urban neighbourhood in the Spanish city of Igualada and aims to offer a different shopping experience for customers who […]