Cereal Killer Café

What: Cereal Killer Café in London serves 120 different types of cereal, with 30 types of milk and 20 possible toppings. It is open 7am – 10pm 7 days a week, with breakfast served all day.

Why: Cereal Killer Café answers growing demand from people looking to experiment with unconventional choices and combinations, whenever they choose.

Bacardi Island

What: The Italian islands of San Domino and San Nicola have been taken over by spirits company Bacardi and transformed into an early 20th Century, Cuban-themed resort–Isola Bacardi with parties, daily sports and wellbeing activities running all day.

Why: Bacardi’s campaign capitalises on consumers’ desire for quality time, a sense of shared purpose and community, without […]

The Handmade Festival

What: Barcelona has become the craft capital of Europe. Its now annual Handmade Festival offers master classes, workshops, tasting sessions, exhibitions and concerts.

Why: This Handmade Festival captures the European trend for self-reliance and return to artisanal skills for both professionals and aficionados alike.

Wild Things Publishing

What: UK publisher Wild Things produces books that inspire and guide people on personal adventures centred around fitness pursuits.

Why: Aimed at busy city-dwellers, sales of the Wild Things took off in 2014 as people embrace the opportunity to expand their personal horizons – which are becoming increasingly adventurous.