What: Skoop LLC makes nutrient-packed food powders and supports children’s health and wellbeing.

Why: The company’s key value is that everyone, everywhere deserves access to the very best nutrition available. So, they’ve partnered with a non-profit to provide one serving of free fruits and veggies to a public school lunch program in America for every serving […]


What: ‘Banting’, a diet promoted by the Real Meal Revolution, has taken South Africa by storm. The world’s first Banting restaurant has just been opened there.

Why: The idea of Banting is to return to man’s purest dietary needs – high levels of protein and low amounts of hard-to-digest grains. Processed food is out of the […]


What: Yakult is a sweet drinkable probiotic yogurt that is extremely popular in Japan, and is now beginning to make in-roads in North America. 

Why: One bottle contains a minimum of 6.5 billion cells of the unique strain of bacteria discovered by scientist Dr Shirota. The strain is scientifically proven to reach the gut alive, helping with […]


What: Sprig is a San Francisco-based food delivery and meal-planning app for those who don’t have the time or headspace to seek out and cook the optimal dinner ingredients.

Why: Sprig’s menu doesn’t rely on salt, fat, sugar or MSG – in 20 minutes hot, ready-to-eat meals are delivered to your door. Recyclable packaging, organic produce, […]

Cereal Killer Café

What: Cereal Killer Café in London serves 120 different types of cereal, with 30 types of milk and 20 possible toppings. It is open 7am – 10pm 7 days a week, with breakfast served all day.

Why: Cereal Killer Café answers growing demand from people looking to experiment with unconventional choices and combinations, whenever they choose.


What: Knorr developed an app that takes the difficulty out of meal planning. In store, Argentinian consumers simply scan a product’s barcode, to quickly pull-up recipes using a certain ingredient. The app even allows people to search for meal ideas, based on their mood or even the weather.

Why: In a challenging environment, brands need to […]

La Nevera Roja (Red Fridge)

What: La Nevera Roja (Red Fridge) is an online and mobile portal for thousands of Spanish restaurants and home delivery options in the larger cities. To date, it has 600,000 users.

Why: The main reason for the app’s increasing popularity is its extremely simple interface that allows people to choose or order their chosen meal quickly […]


What: Japanese writer Yu Nakamura has created You Box, filled with recipe ideas and all the necessary ingredients to create them.

Why: It sounds like a typical food box scheme, but the difference is that Yu has scoured Japan for rare ingredients and knowledgeable grandmothers in order to share and teach the art of traditional Japanese […]

Zotter Chocolate Factory

What: Austrian-owned Zotter Chocolate Theatre in Shanghai is a factory offering an immersion into the world of cocoa and chocolate making.

Why: Fused with a European atmosphere you wouldn’t find elsewhere in Shanghai, educational demonstrations become a form of culinary theatre here.


What: Sublimotion in Ibiza is a “360 degree sensual-gastronomic experience,” according to the Spanish food press. As ‘participants’ work through the menu, the space around them changes with every course.

Why: Sublimotion offers another dimension to food, transporting customers to different places, each with its own ambience.