What: Knorr developed an app that takes the difficulty out of meal planning. In store, Argentinian consumers simply scan a product’s barcode, to quickly pull-up recipes using a certain ingredient. The app even allows people to search for meal ideas, based on their mood or even the weather.

Why: In a challenging environment, brands need to […]

Nan Xiao Guo

What: Nan Xiao Guo is the casual version of a very famous Shanghai-style restaurant in China – Xiao Nan Guo.

Why: Nan Xiao Guo is an informal, very cosy restaurant that offers home-style dishes accompanied with abundant cups of green tea. It is an increasingly popular concept in Shanghai, where dining out is seen by many […]


What: Japanese writer Yu Nakamura has created You Box, filled with recipe ideas and all the necessary ingredients to create them.

Why: It sounds like a typical food box scheme, but the difference is that Yu has scoured Japan for rare ingredients and knowledgeable grandmothers in order to share and teach the art of traditional Japanese […]