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/Richer rewards

Go 2 Africa: Luxury Camping

What: Modern clan travel site Go 2 Africa offers tours of the highlands of South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe, with luxury camping throw in.

Why: Fusing traditional safari with mobile luxury offers customers the ultimate experience of nature and 5* accommodation combined.

Indian Bicycles

What: A growing number of Indians aged between 25 and 40, are taking a fancy to top-of-the-line premium bicycles Firefox and Giant for commuting, recreation and exercise. 

Why: For many driven young entrepreneurs from Bangalore travelling by a sleek two-wheeler is a symbol of status as well as healthy lifestyle choice.

QOD Barbers

What: QOD, a well known Brazilian brand of cosmetics and hair style products, recently opened a premium barber shop to promote its new line of products for men.

Why: The bar is designed to convey a sense of comfort and tradition, with costumers offered a selection of cigars, special whiskeys and craft beers.