Pre-empting problems

/Pre-empting problems

Google Maps

What: The improved Google Maps service now takes weather and traffic into consideration when predicting your journey duration.

Why: If linked with your calendar, Google Maps will automatically send an update if there is any change to your travel time, prompting you to leave earlier if necessary.

The Fill App

What: The Fill App is a free app that will allow South African users to save some money by alerting them of fuel price changes once a month and thus reminding them of when it’s best to fill up, where and by how much. It will know the size of the fuel tank and is […]

Amazon Dash

What: Amazon has launched Dash Button – a WiFi-enabled plastic controller that allows US customers to order basic household supplies at the touch of a button.

Why: The small device is designed to be stuck or hung in a convenient place, such as on the washing machine or next to the bath. When you’re running low […]