Essential purity

/Essential purity

Jax coco

What: Australian brand Jax coco is a 100% coconut water with no added sugars or preservatives

Why: In a soft drinks market full of unsubstantiated claims of naturalness and purity, Jax’s simple supply chain and even simpler ingredients list (just micro filtered coconut water) holds a great appeal.


What: ‘Banting’, a diet promoted by the Real Meal Revolution, has taken South Africa by storm. The world’s first Banting restaurant has just been opened there.

Why: The idea of Banting is to return to man’s purest dietary needs – high levels of protein and low amounts of hard-to-digest grains. Processed food is out of the […]


What: Consumers in Shanghai are using beauty products from Innisfree, a company that mixes ingredients from the Korean island of Jenju.

Why: Innisfree draws on the public perception of Jenju as a pure, un-polluted island haven. Ingredients include volcanic ash, natural spring water and local plant extracts, which, to consumers plagued by hygiene scandals across several […]