Creating headspace

/Creating headspace


What: One of Twinings’ latest campaigns features a new slogan: ‘Gets you back to you’.

Why: This British tea brand has identified what is no longer just a consumer desire, but has become a consumer need: to take time to one’s self in order to relieve stress and create headspace in the midst of a hectic […]


What: LOLË is a French brand of activewear that runs yoga events throughout the US and Europe attracting thousands of participants.

Why: LOLË does not just want to promote the clothing line, but rather a lifestyle dedicated to peace and well-being. LOLË is offering free ‘mass yoga’ masterclasses with professional instructors and a live orchestra, for […]


What: Sprig is a San Francisco-based food delivery and meal-planning app for those who don’t have the time or headspace to seek out and cook the optimal dinner ingredients.

Why: Sprig’s menu doesn’t rely on salt, fat, sugar or MSG – in 20 minutes hot, ready-to-eat meals are delivered to your door. Recyclable packaging, organic produce, […]