Shareworthy moments

Turning up every aspect of a moment to intensify the experience and share the feeling


How is this sub-trend evolving?

How it was

Seeking small but indulgent experiences that can ideally be physically shared with others

How it is

A desire more exciting everyday treats and rewards – shared online with friends and followers

How it will be

All brands recognise their role as a curator and creator of ‘lifestyle’, bringing people the most interesting experiences

In-market examples from around the world

What: Pun holidays are an increasing phenomenon in Japan – with little time for socialising and limited space at home young people are jumping on any chance to socialise. Picture shows McDonald’s participation in ‘banana day’
Why: With extremely small living spaces, expensive food costs, extremely close proximity to neighbors, long commutes and more, Tokyoites are not accustomed to hosting people at their homes. For this reason, interaction with friends, coworkers and family typically takes place at restaurants or other events away from the home. These fake holidays allow Tokyoites (especially younger generations) to have fun and celebrate, each occasion being extensively shared on social media.
What: Belvedere Vodka is a leading brand of premium spirits that is recognized as a luxury label. The brand makes plugs through endorsements of celebrity laden lifestyle events in order to bring that prestigious association to the end user’s experience. Belvedere sponsored, Oscar winning recording artist, John Legend’s release party and ran a promotional campaign with (RED) that appeared on the company website featuring African art designs on the bottle.
Why: Belvedere is a symbol of a luxurious lifestyle and is consumed in a shared setting, at a VIP event or party. This is exciting and fresh because the artistry of the bottle converts the otherwise disposable packaging into a collector’s item places each bottle in connection with famous soirées.
What: Mahindra SUVs – India’s biggest 4×4 manufacturer, has had a viral campaign (‘Live Young, Live Free’) as they partner with events, restaurants and tourist attractions, creating a video campaign that highlights the wealth of experiences available to you in India, if you have the access!
Why: The car, or driving experience, is not the central point of the campaign – instead Mahindra align themselves with the Millennial mindset of embracing opportunity and trying new things – all they need is the ability to actually get there, the ad says.
What: QOD, a well known Brazilian brand of cosmetics and hair style products, recently opened a premium barber shop to promote its new line of products for men.
Why: The bar is designed to convey a sense of comfort and tradition, with costumers offered a selection of cigars, special whiskeys and craft beers.
What: A growing number of Indians aged between 25 and 40, are taking a fancy to top-of-the-line premium bicycles Firefox and Giant for commuting, recreation and exercise.
Why: For many driven young entrepreneurs from Bangalore travelling by a sleek two-wheeler is a symbol of status as well as healthy lifestyle choice.
What: Modern clan travel site Go 2 Africa offers tours of the highlands of South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe, with luxury camping throw in.
Why: Fusing traditional safari with mobile luxury offers customers the ultimate experience of nature and 5* accommodation combined.