Seamlessly In Tune

Whether a pick-me-up or a wind-me-down, interest in food and drink solutions to optimise wellbeing by managing energy levels throughout the day continues to grow.

How is this sub-trend evolving?

How it was

Energy solutions that feel natural, not synthetic

American Super! Natural energy drinks appeal to the more health-conscious

How it is

Sophisticated and exciting energy management through understanding food and drink combinations

Australian app ‘Medibank’ helps customers plan their diets

How it will be

Real -time reactive products that work your body needs at specific times of the day, year and in certain situations.

Just Eat Mood Mapping App using facial recognition technology to suggest the best foods to work with your current state of mind

In-market examples from around the world

What: is a new brand of functional foods, offering three different dried fruit and nut combinations – each with a specific function to improve one moment of the day. E.g. an almond and cherry combination contains melatonin and magnesium to relax and calm in the evening.
Why: In both developed, and developing markets, consumers are becoming wiser to the nutrients their body needs at certain times of day and night. Each pack even comes with a special Spotify playlist to enhance the benefit of the product!
What: The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is a mattress that can detect a change of body position during the night. It uses air chambers in the mattress to contour to the sleeper’s frame and is able to detect the sleeper’s heart rate, breathing rate and motion.
Why: The mattress is meant to provide a personalised sleeping experience to optimise the customer’s quality of sleep, and therefore their overall wellbeing.
What: Fabulous is an app that uses behavioural science to seamlessly integrate healthy habits into specific moments of consumers’ days. Suggestions like “drink more water” are organised into Morning, Afternoon and Evening rituals, to encourage healthy behaviours.
Why: Stemming from Duke University’s Behavioural Sciences Lab research report, it provides an easy-to-follow programme and nudges to psychologically integrate healthier options into people’s daily routines. It has over 2 million downloads and won the Material Design Award from Google last October.
What: Nootropics, otherwise known as “smart drugs,” are all the rage in Silicon Valley, and Nootrobox is at the forefront of this energy-managing trend.
Why: Nootrobox helps consumers find their focus with “nutrients for their brain”.  They help people have a more productive day  by accelerating the mind when it comes to tasks related to memory, focus, and attention.
What: Wakeup is a new Israeli drink specially formulated to give people a boost in the natural post-lunch dip.
 It is based on all natural ingredients and scientifically validated as far superior to caffeine for sustaining energy.
Why: Wakeup comes from a growing need for naturally-based products that  meet specific energy needs across the day.
What: The AeroShot is a lipstick-sized inhaler that delivers an energy boosting vapour containing 100 milligrams of caffeine – equivalent to a cup of coffee – along with B vitamins and Niacin.
Why: The inhalable formulation of AeroShot means the boost can be felt almost immediately and is one of the reasons of its growing popularity in the US.