Strength In Numbers

Consumers have begun to define themselves by the collective wellbeing activities they participate in, whether physically or by becoming part of online communities.

How is this sub-trend evolving?

How it was

Individual motivation to reach personal health goals, even if part of a group

American MyFitnessPal diet tracker, into which you input food and drink consumption for the app to generate personal goals

How it is

Collective health-focused endeavours that give a greater sense of purpose

The Yoga and Brunch Club (YBC) London are a community with shared interests

How it will be

A network of physically, digitally connected individuals with shared goals and ambitions, healthy living at the centre

Niche, specialist health pursuits hit mainstream media like Reebok’s Spartan Race

In-market examples from around the world

What: have come up with a social, positive eating app – Foodstand.
Why: Through Foodstand, Purpose are launching community-powered Good Eating Challenges. These are one-day challenges based on nutritionist-backed good eating principles, and with shared user successes, as well as guidebooks for sticking to the principles, Purpose hope to build longer-term healthy eating habits within that supportive app community.
What: Kayla Itsines is an Instagram blogger who has become world-famous for her Bikini Body workout programme. She has over 6 million Instagram followers and her sponsors include Nike and Adidas.
Why: Using social media, she has created a global community of women (known as “Kayla’s Army”) who post before and after photos to show their weight loss and support for one another.
What: Reebok’s Spartan Race organises obstacle courses around the world for people of all ages and levels (ranging from Junior Spartan to Spartan Beast).
Why: More than an obstacle course, Spartan Race has created a global community of like-minded fitness fanatics that are united by their desire to keep pushing themselves further. Their community pages connect volunteers and participants, and contain team workouts and specialised, yet accessible training programmes for bonding and building before the big race.
What:  There has been an explosion of global yoga festivals and American Wanderlust, modelled after epic, days-long rock festivals, has been leading the way.
Why: Through the discovery of food, wine, craft-making, adventure activities, dancing, and, of course, yoga practice, connections are born in the fun. Beginners, yogis and even families attend classes with famed yoga teachers for a mindful, celebratory and communal experience.
What: Nordic Military Training is a club and network that runs boot camps and is rapidly expanding with new members all over Sweden.
Why: NMT members join because it brings people together. The sense of fellowship and connection is most appealing. Strangers help each other and form teams out in nature, which brings a strong sense of achievement and communal spirit.
What: Run an Empire is a new UK fitness-based game that challenges its players to take over their local area by jogging.  Player can also see areas that others have taken and capture it for themselves by walking, jogging or running through it.
Why: While fitness games are often targeted as a single-player experience, Run an Empire takes inspiration  from ever-rising popularity of running clubs and digital fitness communities. Run an Empire  is animating  friends, total strangers and even families  for  more enticing experience in getting fit and enjoyment of  being part of a wider running community.