Immersive Experiences


What: Tim Horton Coffee Co blacked out one of their stores, inside and out, giving night-vision goggles to customers daring enough to venture inside. They then conducted taste tests and an immersive call for coffee-drinkers to “discover their dark roast personality”

Why: Moving away from ordinary eating out experiences, Tim Horton Coffee Co created a completely new experience for experiencing food.

Fun and Play

What: In Singapore Coca Cola launched a regular 330ml Coke can that comes apart to form two smaller cans that can be shared with friends.

Why: It isn’t just large scale, uber-style sharing that’s in; Coke recognised the simple pleasure and novelty that could come with a mini sharing moment like this.


Fun and Play


What: Happy Lemon bubble tea is a chain rapidly expanding across Asia, offering consumers a four step creation station for a novel refreshment experience.

Why: Happy Lemon has built on the Eastern bubble tea craze, using fresh and fun flavour combinations and branding to attract the younger generations of Asian consumers. Their four-step drink creation station makes the process of ‘grabbing a drink’ novel and playful.

“More and more, I am looking for ways to simplify my life”

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