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organic food

‘Fun and play’ becomes an ever more significant sub-trend in 2015, as consumers with increased spending power are willing to invest more to achieve the mini moments of frivolity that make life more enjoyable.

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Cuddle Cafe

What: Biscuit maker McVities has created a cuddle café. The café was designed with ‘wall-to-wall cuteness’ and free drinks and treats were offered with cuddles the only accepted currency.Why: This café aims to maximise visitors’ happiness levels, following research about the emotional and health benefits of a cuddle. Plus, associations with free perks and quirkiness […]

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This new service is taking London by storm – across between a super meal-planning site, Ocado and Abel and Cole, this start-up company offers people a box of all the fresh ingredients they will need (calculated to the exact amount of food required so no wastage) for their meals for the week. The boxes include […]

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