Proactive prevention

With the increased blurring between the food & drink category and pharmaceuticals, consumers are increasingly active in their search for products that contain added health benefits. Products that promise positive, long-term effects and protection from threats to health are particularly desirable.

How is this sub-trend evolving?

How it was

A desire for routine and targeted solutions, with tangible benefits

Australian FibreBoost is a breakfast sprinkle – an analogue and easy way to add preventative health measures to your day.

How it is

More sophisticated and personalised health measures that are woven into exciting products and services

In the US, Heartbeet’s range of breakfast-replacement drinks combat different lifestyle diseases with their fresh, and often exotic, ingredients.

How it will be

Technology being used to enhance the goodness of nature and boost the defences of the body

Cold-pressed juicing and fermentation processes are undergoing rapid technological enhancement as small players inventing better ways to extract and preserve essential nutrients in food emerge.

In-market examples from around the world

What: KeVita is a flavoured sparkling probiotic beverage consumed for its functional benefits of introducing healthy bacteria into the digestive system.
Why: This is a breakthrough innovation in soft drinks for digestive health – a light, sparkling formula, more readily associated with health than thicker, dairy products for digestion.
What: Organic Burst range of natural supplement powders now features the ‘Baobab Joy’ powder for the fruit’s prebiotic benefits.
Why: Organic Burst, amongst other companies, are looking to ancient superfoods for naturally occurring, preventative health solutions. Baobab is one such ‘wonderfruit’.
What: Reliefband Neurowave is a new wearable smart-band that offers a drug-free treatment for nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness. The band works via neuromodulation, by sending pulses to a nerve on the underside of your wrist. That nerve then blocks stomach nausea.
Why: Both developed and developing markets alike are innovating to prevent sickness and disease in the non-pharmaceutical space – also a very important development for pregnant women who want to avoid drug-based solutions to morning sickness. The team behind reliefband have a vision of this monitoring, preventative technology being built into smartwatches of the future.
What: Saffola sells basic oats, with the overarching goal of improving India’s heart health in the long-term.
WhyUnderstanding that selling long-term health benefits alone is not enough, Saffola created an online portal showcasing all the brilliant recipes and ways to be creative with such a simple, healthy ingredient – bringing enjoyment to proactive prevention.
What: Suntory have released a 5% ABV beer, Precious, that contains 2g of collagen per can.
Why: As people aspire more toward balance and less toward abstinence, they look to amalgamate benefits. Precious allows people to counteract the visible signs of ageing while socialising – blurring the boundaries between food and healthcare/cosmetics!
What: Beauty Sweeties consist of the best ingredients from nature, a combination of super-fruits and the beauty ingredients coenzyme Q10, aloe vera, collagen or biotin.
Why: Beauty Sweeties represent healthy indulgence – and prove that consumers don’t have to compromise on taste to look after their bodies as best they can.
What: Yakult has long established itself as one of the most popular drinkable probiotic yogurts in the world, but the Japanese company continues to grow by an average of 6% annually.
Why: In each bottle are 6.5 billion cells of the unique strain of bacteria discovered by scientist Dr Shirota, scientifically proven to aid digestion and immunity. The certified scientific appeal of the daily drink means the company have successfully expanded into Brazil and Mexico, and are planning new routes to consumer, entering convenience stores and increasing the brand’s online presence.
What: New desk stand design, by South African designer Ryan Roberts.
Why: Given the current global ‘standing meeting’ trend that sees employees and colleagues stand at a meeting instead of sit, this innovative product is a much-needed solution, aiming to strengthen back and leg muscles, decrease headaches, burn calories and cut working time shorter due to the posture required to do tasks
What: f.lux is an American brand new software that controls your phone and computer screens.
Why: Computer screens are designed to emit a certain kind of light, similar to that of the sun, so as soon as screens are being used at night-time, however, looking at this kind of light plays havoc with eyes and body-clocks. F.lux fixes this, making the colour of your computer’s display, protecting your eyes, and helping you sleep.